Banned Additives, Take a Look!

The Center For Science In The Public Interest has great information on legal and banned food additives. I just recently came across this brilliant list of banned food additives on their website and had to share it!!

The list is quite long, so I’m giving you a little snippet below, for the full list click on the picture above!!!



Natural or Synthetic

Year Banned


Orange B artificial coloring synthetic 1978 (ban never finalized) Contained low levels of a cancer-causing contaminant. Orange B was used only in sausage casings to color sausages, but is no longer used in the United States.
Red 1, 2 artificial coloring synthetic 1961, 1976 Liver cancer, possible carcinogen
Red 4 artificial coloring synthetic 1976 High levels damaged adrenal cortex of dog; after 1965 it was used only in maraschino cherries and certain pills; it is still allowed in externally applied drugs and cosmetics.
Red 32 artificial coloring synthetic 1956 Damages internal organs and may be a weak carcinogen; since 1956 it continues to be used under the name Citrus Red 2 only to color oranges (2 ppm).
Yellow 1 & 2 artificial coloring synthetic 1959 Intestinal lesions at high dosages.
cobalt salts stabilize beer foam synthetic 1966 Toxic effects on heart
diethyl pyrocarbonate (DEPC) preservative (beverages) synthetic 1972 Combines with ammonia to form urethane, a carcinogen
ethylene glycol solvent synthetic 1998 Kidney damage
oil of calamus flavoring root of calamus 1968 Intestinal cancer


flavoring (root beer) sassafras 1960

Liver cancer

So, when people say that all food additives are tested and safe… take that advice with a grain of salt!!!