Can I Get Another Side of Acrylamide?

First off, I hope everyone enjoyed their three-day weekend!!!

But now it’s back to school and back to work!

So, let’s get down to business. 

In an earlier post, I told you all about the food processing toxin, acrylamide, in “Large Fries with a Side of Acrylamide.

(Please click on the link above (orange) if you haven’t read it yet, it’s a very interesting topic. Plus, the rest of this post will make more sense after you have a little more background knowledge on acrylamide!).

I have some very riveting little facts to add.

Acrylamide is most commonly found in heat-treated foods rich in carbohydrates, like potatoes, but I recently learned it is also found in heat-treated nuts! So, although raw almonds may have many great benefits, which I will touch on in a later post, roasted almonds contain acrylamide! This may sound shocking, at least for me it was, I didn’t know roasted almonds had traces of a listed Prop 65 chemical … but they do!

So, once again, if you absolutely love roasted almonds, MODERATION is key!!!!

Also, to add to your ever growing acrylamide knowledge, I posted a table, from one of my food toxicology lectures, that seems to complement this post perfectly! The table below displays the amount of acrylamide in a specific serving for different food products! Take a look!!! It’s super interesting.

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